Horse riding accidents

This is a story that presents how dangerous horse writing really can be. It’s sad that so many people out there in the public who have no horse writing experience think that horse writing is an easy thing and a very leisurely thing to do. But the truth is often much more complex. In Britain a TV presenter named Lorraine Kelly was trampled by a horse in 2012. She knows that she was quite lucky by not dying but at the same time she is still living with many of the scars. Lorraine had no horse writing experience at all when she agreed to try and ride one for a charity event. She said that she’s very nervous about it but she thought she would be okay if she took some horse riding lessons before hand. The first time she tried everything was okay but during the second lesson things took a turn for the worse. The writing instructor suggested that she tried to attempt a small jump. This is when Lorraine’s nerves got the best of her and when she tried to attempt it the horse stopped right in front of the jump. Of course gravity takes over and Lorraine fell off the horse and then the horse reared above are. The forces front hooves crashed down on her leg. She lay there in shock. But she remembered seeing blood pouring from her injury. She received painkillers and some oxygen and she was rushed to a local hospital. Of course the paramedics were also afraid that she had damaged her back. She laid on a stretcher saying to her friend “I don’t think I will be at work tomorrow, do you?”

She’d never taken a day off of work in her life but this was the start of eight long weeks off. She had surgery on her leg that lasted more than four hours. The doctors told her that she was lucky to be alive because then dream just barely missed the main artery in her leg. She had to have blood transfusions during the operation. She lost almost 3 pints of blood. There was quite a lot of nerve damage. And she also had quite a lot of muscle damage as well. But the surgeons were skillful and they managed to repair the injury and stitch it all up. The wound so disgusted her that she couldn’t even look at it when the nurses came to clean it. She had to look away. She had more than 300 stitches. Anybody who has been seriously injured knows that one of the most difficult things to get used to is being so dependent on other people’s help. Cannot go to the bathroom by yourself. It’s difficult to take a shower and clean yourself. This dependency can have a large psychological effect. After time her leg healed well enough. But she had been taking strong painkillers. And without noticing it should become slightly addicted. Weaning her off these painkillers became a very tough job. Then later came a family outing where everyone was gathered around the swimming pool and she felt super self-conscious about other people seeing her in the pool with her bathing suit on because of the scars.

The story highlights the danger situation that occurs whenever someone gets on a horse. You really have to have your wits about you and you have to teach beginners very slowly how to write horses. Hindsight is 20/20 but most people would agree that after the second horse riding lesson she should never of attempted a small jump. She simply was not comfortable on the horse.


A Sad Story but Happy Ending

James a horse is a 15-year-old large thoroughbred that has a nice Chesnutt color and enjoys the company of children who come to visit him at the Tennessee Educational Barn Institute. James helps teach all the young children from all kinds of different backgrounds and cultures about how to look after pets and how rewarding owning pets can be.

In the TEBI first came across James the horse in 2008. He was being mistreated by his owners and was seized by the local government. They soon sent James to TEBI. But James was in very bad health. He had been exposed to and affected by rain scould. He was very emancipated and his mane and tail were in extremely bad conditions. Also James had very long cracked hooves are very sore for him to walk on.

After spending several months at TEBI is personality and temperament were tested to see if he would be a good mentor for the education program. Of course he passed all the tests and by 2010 he had found a new home at TEBI. James now spends most of his days educating local junior high school and elementary school students who come to visit him and learn about traditional farm life. James couldn’t be happier in his new home and is expected to live a full and long life.


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